• Design/Build
    Design, Design Build, Engineering, Consulting
    and Construction Services (more..)

  • Energy Conservation Measures
    Electrical Power, Water, Green Technologies and Construction Solutions to make real differences
    in “Real World” applications.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    People are increasingly concerned about mold, radon, carbon monoxide and toxic chemicals in their Homes and
    buildings they work and should be.
  • Research & Development
    We dig into the real nuts and bolts of construction systems and mechanical components and new Green products, analyze, review and consider the installed results.
  • Project Management
    Whether single component systems or large scale projects we take a “Step by step Total Systems approach” to achieve maximum
    results with minimum investment.
I. Design and Specifications Package
II. Land Acquisition and Development
III. Design/Drafting Services
IV. Engineering Services
V. Cost Analysis and Energy Compliance
VI. Consultation Services
VII. Construction Management Services
VIII. Construction Services
Services Provided

Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. (EC&DI) is a full service design/build, engineering, consulting, and construction management firm that specialize in Super-Energy Efficient & Green Buildings. The following information will give you an idea of what is included in each of our services.

If you require any additional information concerning our services please don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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I. Design and Specifications Package

EC&DI and you, the Customer, will collect information such as floor plans, brochures, and ideas and review your housing requirements. Also during this phase we will establish a target budget and review your building lot for the purpose of creating a Site Plan. We will determine zoning and setback requirements, restrictions, and utility considerations. All the above will assist us in providing you with a full set of scale construction drawings for the project.
EC&DI will provide a full construction package for presentation to the lending institution of your choice. We will also be pleased to assist you in locating a lender with the best value for your project. This will include information on EC&DI as “Builder of Record”, estimates and allowance schedules, contracts, housing specifications details, and a full set of final drawings for the project.
It is our suggestion that you check with your financial institution and ascertain whether or not these listed items will be satisfactory or that additional information will be needed. We will be more than willing to assist you with whatever is needed to make a full presentation to the bank.
* Excludes Land Development, i.e. Changes to Infrastructure, Re-plating and or development of raw property Along with any oversight of construction process.
II. Land Acquisition and Development

This service will be provided for the purpose of Assisting in Acquiring and Developing Raw property, Re-plating, changing Infrastructure, Developing Roads, Lot Design, Contour and Topographical modifications, Drainage and Environmental Impact Studies.
*Excludes any oversight of Construction process.
III. Design/Drafting Services

This service will provide you with general consulting on the kind of home you wish to build. Included are basic design drawings (not engineered plans), a review of your building lot, and an estimate on your total project amount.
IV. Engineering Services

This service can provide you with any required engineering for your project, such as Illustrations, Construction Specifications, Systems Analysis, Scale Drawings, and any other project considerations.
V. Cost Analysis and Energy Compliance

This service can provide you with Allowance Schedules and Acquire hard quotes. A Full Construction Package for your Lending Institution. Confirm compliance of selected material, structural considerations, system integration and whole building performance.
*Excludes any drawings digitized or other.
VI. Consultation and Maintenance Services

EC&DI provides consultation services to those Clients seeking an opinion regarding, or advice on, engineering solutions, troubleshooting, systems analysis, construction expertise, or numerous other problem solving services. This is typically done on a per project basis. This includes all in-house time, all phone consultation, on-site time, and travel time.
VII. Construction Management Services

Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. has two types of management services:

In-House Management Services will have complete administrative oversight of all contractors & subcontractors, communications and coordination of material usage & requirements. We will also provide you, the customer, with an up-to-date Construction Schedule (Timeline), and Accounting for the project. This does not include On-Site Management Services.

On-Site Management and Supervisory Services will include complete field oversight supervision and management as assessed; validate job quality & performance by all contractors, subcontractors, and their workers at the project.
VIII. Construction Services
Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. has three types of construction services:

Project Coordinator Services
As Project Coordinator we will be the “Builder of Record”. EC&DI will oversee, manage and facilitate every aspect of the building process. The Owner has the option of listing any exceptions for portions of the project they do not want EC&DI to oversee, manage and facilitate in the Project Coordinator Contract. EC&DI’s charge for this service is incorporated within the Allowance Schedule which is provided with your Design and Specifications Package.

Subcontractor Services Exclusively
EC&DI will be the subcontractor responsible for installation on portions of the project assigned by contract.

Green Product Resources
As a resource partner to provide Energy Efficient Building Components, We will work directly with your Architect, Designers, Contractors and Subcontractors to specify and deliver required material.

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