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    Design, Design Build, Engineering, Consulting
    and Construction Services (more..)

  • Energy Conservation Measures
    Electrical Power, Water, Green Technologies and Construction Solutions to make real differences
    in “Real World” applications.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    People are increasingly concerned about mold, radon, carbon monoxide and toxic chemicals in their Homes and
    buildings they work and should be.
  • Research & Development
    We dig into the real nuts and bolts of construction systems and mechanical components and new Green products, analyze, review and consider the installed results.
  • Project Management
    Whether single component systems or large scale projects we take a “Step by step Total Systems approach” to achieve maximum
    results with minimum investment.
I. Dan’s Bio
II. Testimonials
III. Past Projects
About Us
A Green Builders Resource

Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. (EC&D, Inc.) was formed over two
decades ago as a green building systems design and development engineering firm.
Initially working with commercial & industrial applications to resolve problems
related to pour design or implementation. The “Science” of building/project
was not always bad or inferior (in many cases) but misapplied or not integrated
properly into the “Total System”.

The interrelationships between mechanical systems and building envelopes
were found most significantly lacking in construction. In the past twenty years,
there have been incredible developments in materials, products and systems,
and the technology of construction has become more complex. The need for structural and mechanical engineering, architects, and designers have become more and more important yet in most cases they have not been working together and often to the contrary.

EC&D, Inc. now brings the “Systems Approach” to building, bringing the resources, engineering and performance requirements to the design and construction of the “Total System” of the project. Solving client problems and needs, whether home owners, builders or developers to create efficient yet affordable buildings, brought together from the best of various materials, products, systems, manufacturers and distributors.

EC&D, Inc. is now a complete resource and a full service Design/Build firm that offers consulting, engineering, land acquisition, financial services, construction assistance and management as well as a supplier of the highest performing Green building products.

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I. Dan’s Bio

Dan Sunderland is an Energy Efficient Green Building Expert (Master SIPA builder), NORMI Certified
IAQ Solutions Provider and a Resource forSystems, Components and
Information. Dan is developing "Real World" product reviews, and resources.
Things that REALLY make a difference w/ Energy Efficiency in the Real World.
We are "A Builders Resource" & "Clients Advocate" to the energy market.

As Principal and Founder of Earthen Concepts & Developing (EC&D) and now
incorporated as Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. www.Earthenconcepts.com,
Dan Sunderland has acquired over 25 years of professional experience within
the construction industry. An outspoken voice in the green and energy efficient
building methodology in a local, regional and national capacity, Dan has worked as an industry leader and with leading associations such as the SIPA as well as the DBIA and the EEBA. He has dedicated his craft to discovering and implementing the interrelationships between mechanical systems, building envelopes and performance requirements in order to develop a “Total Systems Approach” to building. Dan has successfully applied these technologies and techniques into a standardized set which exceeds LEED industry standards, implemented in the last quarter century. Most recently, Dan has organized and driven the industries newest green building initiative, “The Kansas City Energy Project”.

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Dan’s LinkedIn Profile
II. Testimonials

We just finished putting up our new addition to Gracelane Kennels. We had
the pleasure of having Dan Sunderland of Earthen Concepts & Development,
Inc. to supervise and work hands on with our construction team building our new
building. His knowledge was overwhelming, and we could not have finished nor
done so as smoothly as we did without him. I would highly recommend him to
anyone in need of his service and know that I too will be using him again in the future."

Chris Gatti Owner,
Grace Lane Kennels

Dan was a wealth of information. He was quick to respond to phone calls
and inquiries, and would do any additional research necessary to resolve an
issue. His knowledge and understanding of the SIPS product and its installation
is vast. Dan was extremely helpful throughout the entire building process. He
consistently went above and beyond the call of duty on our behalf... more!

Steve& Michele Anderson

Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc. & Dan Sunderland were able to provide the systems we needed to create a very dynamic result for our clients needs. The system came together very well and Dan was incredibly helpful and made sure everything we needed was in place and ready. We will defiantly be using them again in the future and consider them valuable resource.

Tony Burks @ Dimensional Innovations

I hired Dan and Earthen Concepts because after working with an associated supplier and they were relying heavily on him and his knowledge, I knew he would be able to help me with my home construction project. He was able to bring his unique understanding and knowledge to the stock plan I had paid for and thought I wanted; he redesigned it so that it was far better. The energy efficient systems he put together for me really make a difference… more!

Reed Franklin

We were originally looking for someone who would just build a foundation for the Modular home we were purchasing. As a pastor of a small church we really needed to watch our budget. Dan was able to show us the benefits of using a SIP Foundation to actually double the size of our home very economically. It was one of the best decisions we made...more!

M.R. & Katy Hamilton

III. Past Projects

This is a partial list of just a few of the projects that we have
done to give you an idea of the scope and variety of what we can do.

Foundation System &
Construction Assistance-Res.
Norburn , MO
Design, Specifications &
Engineering, Construction-Res.
Independence , MO
Design Assistance, Engineering, Construction
Consulting & Product Supplier-Res.
Goldonna , LA
Design, Specifications, Engineering
& Construction Product Supplier -Res.
Sierra City , CA
Design, Specifications, Engineering
& Construction Management – Com/Res.
Elkton , SD
Engineering, Construction
& Project Management-Mixed Use
Kansas City , MO
Design, Specifications, Engineering
& Construction Management –Res.
Raytown , MO
Feasibility & Concept Design
Commercial Redevelopment Project-Com.
N. Kansas City , MO
Design, Specifications, Engineering
& Construction Management –Res.
Independence , MO
Design Assistance, Engineering, Construction
Consulting & Product Supplier- Com.
Locust Valley , NY
Redevelopment & Engineering
Energy & Construction Consultant
Kansas City , MO
Design Assistance, Engineering, Construction
Consulting & Product Supplier- Com.
Robertsville , AL
Timber Frame & SIP Construction
Consulting & Product Supplier-Com.
Manley , NE