• Design/Build
    Design, Design Build, Engineering, Consulting
    and Construction Services (more..)

  • Energy Conservation Measures
    Electrical Power, Water, Green Technologies and Construction Solutions to make real differences
    in “Real World” applications.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    People are increasingly concerned about mold, radon, carbon monoxide and toxic chemicals in their Homes and
    buildings they work and should be.
  • Research & Development
    We dig into the real nuts and bolts of construction systems and mechanical components and new Green products, analyze, review and consider the installed results.
  • Project Management
    Whether single component systems or large scale projects we take a “Step by step Total Systems approach” to achieve maximum
    results with minimum investment.
I. Design/Build Historically
II. Design/Build Benefits
IV. Past Projects
Design/Build is far more a Process by definition than
a Product or Specific Service

Typical construction techniques employing 1st a Designer or Architect to create
usually beautiful & dynamic designs that their clients fall in love with, that are
then sent out for “Bid” to other contractors and suppliers. These are then
gathered together and evaluated and often to find out that the entire design is
way out of reach, over budget and even in some cases unbuildable without
major changes. Then all is sent back to the drawing board to redesign and go
through the same process over and over again. This often takes months or
even years with a great deal of compromise and added cost to the original
design that the owners had fallen in love with. Then finally during the construction
process a wide variety of contractors and administrative organization inundate
the owners with far more information requests and decisions than the owners
are often able to process. This makes for long decision making and sometimes
things getting left out or neglected, typically these all translate into Over Budget,
Construction delays, Exhaustion & Stress on the owners before everything is

The Design/Build process by our definition is a complete reversal of the standard processes. “Beginning with the Budget” then Designing backward so that the overages and out of budget designs are not wasting time or resources. As well as utilizing all the Building Disciplines i.e. Structural, Environmental and Economic Engineering and the most up to date Construction Techniques so that the Original Design is already Buildable and integrates the most Energy Efficient Green Building products and Services available. During the construction process there is a “Single Source” working alongside the owners on decisions and simplifying the entire process, removing stress and complication from the equation!

I. Design/Build Historically

We are far more accustomed to the Design/Build process than we actually
know; starting from our pasts referencing the “Master Builder” someone
who was a trusted professional hired in times past to be the single source
or key organizational figure with strict accountability and liability to the owner
for any defects or delays etc... Only in the much more recent past had this
kind of process given way because of far more specialized contractors
complicated Building Codes and the competitive market place. We have
gotten away from what truly works best, to compete but now that competition
has confused the processes. It’s like taking a road to far and not remembering
why you came that way or how to get back. We want to bring back the best of
the past but utilize the best of today!
II. Design/Build Benefits

  • A Single Trusted Source
    The ability to get answers clearly, quickly and honesty about your
    project all through the process.
  • Value Based Service
    Considering the entire budget, reasoning and purpose for all costs
    or expenditures as it relates to the entire scope of the project.
    Adjustments can be made on a minimal basis without it changing
    the entire project.
  • Better Communication
    Communication is difficult enough but having a single individual or
    entity rather than several simplifies the process and enabling more
    flexibility during the process.
  • Increased Accountability
    A Design/Build Team processes the project with a single focus in
    mind and the Owners totally involved with every decision.
  • Preemptive Decision making
    Decisions are considered in advance based on complete information and reflect the best solution, not wasting time or resources after the fact or “On the fly”.