• Design/Build
    Design, Design Build, Engineering, Consulting
    and Construction Services (more..)

  • Energy Conservation Measures
    Electrical Power, Water, Green Technologies and Construction Solutions to make real differences
    in “Real World” applications.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    People are increasingly concerned about mold, radon, carbon monoxide and toxic chemicals in their Homes and
    buildings they work and should be.
  • Research & Development
    We dig into the real nuts and bolts of construction systems and mechanical components and new Green products, analyze, review and consider the installed results.
  • Project Management
    Whether single component systems or large scale projects we take a “Step by step Total Systems approach” to achieve maximum
    results with minimum investment.
I. In-House Management
II. On-Site Management Services
Project Management
Project management is a constant cycle that begins with assessing the needs
or situation, planning & strategizing then implementing & monitoring the
process and finally evaluating the results then continuing the process over and
over again until completed. We always take the perspective that good strategic
planning and establishing sound goals and objectives can only be achieved
by engaging the complete team & empowering those within the process,
maximizing their potential and the success of the project.

“A single strand is easily broken, but a cord will withstand the challenge!”

Whether your project is just beginning or not going quite the way you’d like, feel free to give us a call to discuss how we may be able to assist you!

I. In-House Management

In-House Management Services will have complete administrative oversight
of all contractors & subcontractors, communications and coordination of
material usage & requirements. We will also provide you, the customer, with an
up-to-date Construction Schedule (Timeline), and Accounting for the project.
This does not include On-Site Management Services.
II. On-Site Management Services

On-Site Management Services will include complete field oversight supervision
and management as assessed; validate job quality & performance by all
contractors, subcontractors, and their workers at the project.

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